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3D Lut MOD APK V1.61 (Pro Unlocked/No Watermark) for Android

Do you want to add presets and colors in simple photos to make them adorable? You adjust the colors of photos, but the look of your photos is destroyed. 3D Lut Mod APK is a powerful app with many amazing effects, filters, and color schemes that turn photos into adorable looks. This app is easy-to-use, and all features are designed in simple layouts to help newbie users easily use them. Furthermore, you can add colors, effects, and filters to photos and videos.

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3D Lut, 3D Lut Mobile


Oleg Sharonov


Photo Editor


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Premium Unlocked

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What is 3D Lut APK?

For those who want to add the best presets in photos and make them attractive and amazing with ease, 3D Lut mobile is the best app because 3D Lut app provides high presets and colour schemes. You can modify your old photos & videos and turn them into a new look. You don’t need any photo editing experience because you can use 3D Lut easily and edit photos and videos.

Furthermore, many essential features meet your requirements while modifying videos and photos. You can save time and edit your photos with just a little time. The 3D Lut app shows results quickly; all presets are predefined. Use the 3D Lut app to add filters, effects, and different colors to your photos and videos. We also offer best photo editing apps like Photoroom Mod APK, Facetune Mod APK, and Snapseed Mod APK.

What is 3D Lut Mod APK?

3D Lut mobile app has premium features that can’t be used without a premium subscription. 3D Lut isn’t available for some Android versions. Furthermore, you can’t export photos without a watermark for free. Many users prefer something other than the 3D Lut app because this app requires a premium subscription to unlock features and export photos without a watermark.

You don’t need to worry about a premium subscription because you can download the 3D Lut Mod APK for free from our website. 3D Lut Mod APK is a paid version, but we offer it free. You can use all premium features without paying a single penny. 3D Lut Mod APK allows you to export photos & videos without a watermark. You can download the 3D Lut Mod APK for any Android version and enjoy all premium features for free.

3D Lut for iOS and PC

Now iOS users can adjust their photos and videos look with the 3D Lut app. iOS users make their photos adorable using 3D Lut app features. Furthermore, download 3D Lut on your PC and use it to adjust the look of your photos and videos. Download any Emulator and then download 3D Lut from our website and use it.

3D Lut Old Version

3D Lut has many old versions like v1.19, v1.21, v1.26, v1.28, v1.30, v1.31, v1.34, v1.40 which have limited filters, effects, and colours. Users face low-performance issues in the old version. Now 3D Lut’s latest version, v1.42 of 2024, is available, which added many new filters, effects, and colours, and this version has many improvements.

Features of 3D Lut APK

1. Basic Editing

3D Lut is a basic photo & video editor designed with a simple layout. Everybody can adjust photos and videos’ brightness, contrast, saturation, and vignette of photos & videos. You can adjust the basic settings of photos and videos with ease. You can make your photos stunning with basic settings. Basic settings are so easy, and you can adjust any problem. You can use YouCam Perfect Mod APK to best photo editing.

3D Lut Mobile

2. Free Presets

Suppose you aren’t satisfied with basic settings and want to add filters and effects in your photos and videos to make them adorable. You’ll find various presets, like Lightroom presets, that you can easily add to your photos. 3D Lut provides many Lut that work like presets. You can add presets and adjust preset opacity as you want. You may also download Lightroom Mod APK for adding presets to photos.

3D Lut Mod APK Latest Version

3. Color Correction

You can adjust the color correction of photos and videos using the 3D Lut app. You’ll find color schemes you can easily add to your photos. The 3D Lut app provides many Lut presets and colors, making your old photos amazing and adorable. Add colors that meet your photos and make them stunning, and share them on social media.

3D Lut Mobile

4. Select Photos From Gallery or Capture With The Camera

In the 3D Lut app, you can import photos and videos you wish to edit from your gallery. Import your photos or videos and modify them as you wish. As well as you’ll find a camera option using it. You can capture your photos and then edit them as you wish. If you’ve no photos in your gallery, don’t worry; capture your photos with a 3D Lut camera and edit them.

3D Lut APK

5. User-Friendly Interface

Everyone wants an app that they use easily and doesn’t face any problems. 3D Lut is a user-friendly interface app that you can easily use and enjoy using. All the features are customized in simple layouts, and you can do in 3D Lut what you want. You can modify your photos with ease and without facing issues. 

3D Lut Mobile

Application’s Requirements

  • Android 5.0 and up version to perform better
  • Enable basic permissions to get access to it

How to Download & Install 3D Lut Mod APK Latest Version?

To download the 3D Lut Mod APK latest version of 2024, follow the below instructions:

  1. Firstly, tap on the download button to start downloading
  2. Secondly, select the download file from the file manager after downloading
  3. Then, click the download file to begin the installation
  4. Now, you need to enable ” Unknown Sources ” to complete the installation
  5. Wait until installation complete
  6. Lastly, click on the Done or Open after installation

Congratulations! 3D Lut Mod APK is installed on your device. Please open it and enjoy its amazing features.


  • Simple to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Modify your photos & videos


  • Need a login account in the original version.
  • Limited on your phone’s processing resources

Features of 3D Lut Mod APK

I. No Registration Requirement

To use the original version, you require a Google login account to access all its features. Without a login account, you don’t access all its features. But 3D Lut Mod APK is a modified version in which you don’t need any login account to access it. You can use the 3D Lut Mod APK without any registration.

II. Watermark-Free

3D Lut Mod APK latest version of 2024, is a modified version in which users can export photos and videos with and without watermarks. The original version doesn’t allow users to export photos without a watermark for free. But in 3D Lut Mod APK, you can export photos and videos without a watermark for free. 

III. Free of Cost

3D Lut Mod APK is a paid version unavailable on Google Play Store. You can download the 3D Lut Mod APK for free from our website for any Android version. You don’t have any premium subscriptions to download the 3D Lut Mod APK. You’ll find all premium features unlocked in the modified version. 


3D Lut is a simple APK, and 3D Lut Mod APK is a modified version of 3D Lut; therefore, 3D Lut Mod APK is not available on Google Play Store. 

3D Lut Mod APK is 100% safe to download and use on Android devices. 

Yes, this is a premium version, but you can download the 3D Lut Mod APK for free from our website.


3D Lut Mod APK is the most famous and viral editing app on social media. This app has easy-to-use features that help you to add presets, colours, and Luts in your photos and videos. Any newbie user can use it and make their photos what they want. Download 3D Lut Mod APK latest version of 2024, and modify your photos and videos. 

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