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Lightroom Mod APK V9.4.0 (Premium Unlocked / No Watermark) 

Photo editing is a simple task, but you need the best editor app that helps you edit photos. Do you need an app with tons of features that are very easy to use, and all features help you add something unique to your photos? Lightroom Mod APK provides various features and presets, allowing users to make their photos attractive and adding LR presets in the photos that turn them into cinematic. You can add various effects and presets to your photos and export & share them with friends.

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What is Lightroom APK?

Lightroom app provides unlimited presets that everybody wants to use in photos. You can use Lr presets to change your simple photos into a new look. You can add presets, masks, gradient colours, and effects to your photos and remove unwanted objects from your photos by using Lightroom. In the Lightroom app, you can edit your photos from time to time, pause and save the editing process, and start again from where you left off. 

Furthermore, if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional video editor, Lightroom provides many tutorials for every user. You can see tutorials on using features you want to use. By watching tutorials, you can use Lightroom features well. You can copy editing recipes and apply them to your other photo. Moreover, Lightroom has many more powerful features. You can use all features as needed and create adorable photos. You can also try another editor apps such as Snow Mod APK, Snapseed Mod APK, and EPIK Mod APK for photo editing.

What is Lightroom Mod APK?

In Lightroom’s official version, some basic and limited features are unlocked, and you can use them. But in the original version, you can’t use premium features for free such as removing unwanted objects, video editing, adding masking, and professional presets. You need to buy a subscription if you want to use premium features. 

Furthermore, while exporting photos, you see a watermark remove option; if you want to remove and export photos without a watermark, you must buy a premium subscription. Lightroom Pro Mod we’re providing, in which you’ll get all premium features unlocked for free. 

Moreover, you can export photos without a watermark and create your watermark in Lightroom Mod APK. Save your money and download the Lightroom mod apk full preset for free from our website, and use all features that you can’t use in the original version. 

Lightroom for PC

Most users use PC Windows 10, or Macbook for editing. PC users don’t worry about it because they can use Lightroom on PC. Lightroom available for PC or any Windows 10,11 etc. Use emulator or bluestack to use Lightroom on PC. Lightroom requires a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system and 8GB RAM  and an Intel or AMD processor with 64-bit support and 2GB of GPU VRAM.

Features of Adobe Lightroom APK

1. Easy to Use Editing app

Adobe Lightroom is a professional photo & video editor app that is not difficult to use. Adobe Lightroom provides simple-to-use features that everyone uses without any hassle. All the features are customized in simple layouts that newbies can easily understand and use. 

Furthermore, if you’re stuck using any of the features and don’t quite understand how to edit your photo using that feature, then you can watch the tutorial, which will guide you in using any of the features. Furthermore, Lightroom provides tutorials for every user, such as beginners, intermediate, and professionals.

Lightroom Mod APK

2. Lightroom Presets 

Lightroom provides many adorable presets you can add to your photos and make them professional. You can quickly edit your photos by just adding Lr presets. Most users add Lr presets in the photos that they share on social media platforms. Lr presets allow you to make trending and attractive photos you see on social media platforms. Koloro Mod APK also provide Lightroom preset.

Lightroom Presets

3. Change Color in Lightroom

In the Lightroom APK, you can manage photos’ colors and make them attractive. Lightroom allows you to change the entire color of your pictures. You can turn your simple and colorless photos into colorful and adorable ones by adjusting the color scheme of the images. You can add grading colors and adjust the white balance, tint, and vibrancy of color. Lightroom adjusts your photos’ color automatically. You can use Lens Distortions Mod APK and 3D Lut Mod APK to add various color layers in your photos.

Change Colour in Lightroom

4. Lightroom Profiles

You’ll find many profiles in Lightroom to add to your photos. These profiles work in your pictures like filters. You can turn your simple photos into colorful ones with one tap. You can use profiles with one tap and add your photos to make them awesome. 

Lightroom Profiles

Application’s Requirements

  • Quad Core CPU with 1.5 GHz
  • RAM 2 GB 
  • Android 8.0 and up version 

How to Download Lightroom & Install?

If you want to download Lightroom for free, follow the below instructions:

  1. Firstly, click the download button at the start of the article to begin downloading
  2. Secondly, select download file from the file manager 
  3. Then, tap on the file to the installation
  4. Now enable ” Unknown Sources “ to installation
  5. Wait until installation complete
  6. Lastly, tap on Done or Open after installation

Congratulations! Lightroom app is installed on your device. Please open it and enjoy LR presets. 


  • Built-in camera
  • Detailed Editing
  • Extra storage
  • Without log-in account
  • Lightroom presets free download


  • In-app purchase  in original version
  • The original version has premium features.
Lightroom Mod APK Unknow Sources

Features of Lightroom Pro Mod

I. Lightroom Without Watermark

Everyone doesn’t want a watermark in their photos. Photographic watermarks give viewers a bad impression and indicate that an app has edited the photos. Similarly, when you export photos in the original version of Lightroom, you see a watermark in them that you can’t remove. To remove the watermark and create your watermark, download Lightroom Mod APK from our website and export your photos without the watermark. 

II. Lightroom Premium Unlocked

In the original version of Lightroom, you find many premium features you can’t use. All the premium features are paid, and users can’t use them without paying money. Premium features include removing unwanted objects, Lr presets, adding masks & colors, and exporting photos with high-quality. 

You can download Lightroom Mod APK from our website if you want Lightroom Premium Unlocked for free. In Lightroom Mod APK, you’ll find all premium features unlocked, and you can use all premium features without a premium subscription.

III. Lightroom Presets Free Download

The main benefit users want to get free is downloading Lightroom presets. Users can’t use Lr presets in the original version without buying a premium subscription. But you can download Lr presets and use them for free by downloading Lightroom Mod APK from our website. We’re providing Adobe Lightroom Mod APK for free without a premium subscription.

IV. Remove Unwanted Objects

Sometimes your photos have some unwanted elements, and you must remove them. In the Lightroom APK, the removing unwanted elements feature is locked, and you can’t use it. To remove unwanted objects, you need a premium subscription. If you want to remove unwanted objects for free, download Lightroom Mod APK from our website. In the Lightroom Mod APK, you can remove anything from your photos. 

Remove unwanted objects

V. Edit Video in Lightroom

The original version of Lightroom doesn’t allow editing videos. You can’t edit videos in the Lightroom APK. You need to become a premium member to edit your videos in the free version. But you can edit videos without a premium subscription in the Lightroom Mod APK for free. You can add presets, filters, and different effects to videos. Download Adobe Lightroom Mod APK from our website and edit your videos for free. 

Adobe Lightroom Mod APK

VI. Lightroom Without Account

When you use the original version of Lightroom, you need a login account to access it. First, log in to a Google account and then use the Lightroom app. But we’re providing a Lightroom Mod APK that you can use without any login account. Just download Lightroom Mod APK from our website and use it without a Google account. 

What’s New

  • Bug fixed 
  • Stability improvements


Yes, Lightroom is a premium app. You need a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription to unlock premium features.

You can get Lightroom Pro for free from our website. Download Lightroom Pro from the given link at the start of the article.

Download Lightroom Mod APK from the given download link and then select the download file from the file manager. Tap on the download file to install. After that, it takes some time, and Lightroom is installed on your device. 


Adobe Lightroom Mod APK is the best photo editor app with simple-to-use features. You’ll find various Lr presets that you can add to your photos to make them attractive. The original version has many features locked that require a premium subscription to unlock.

Furthermore, you can’t use the Lightroom app without a login account. Download  Lightroom Mod APK from the given link at the start of the article, in which you’ll find all the premium unlocked, and you can use it without an account, edit videos, and export photos without a watermark.

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