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Suppose you want to make your videos like a movie and need sources. Do you want to apply copyright-free effects to your videos? Many users want to add text in some parts of the video to explain video content. Vita mod APK can fulfill your requirements as you wish.
This app has many features that help you with video editing. Moreover, the VITA app allows you to cut, transfer, delete, change font color or size, and remodel video.

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This app has many templates, effects, tools, and more features to help you edit videos. Nowadays, video editing is known as a professional skill. You can earn 1k$ and more by providing video editing services on online service platforms. Furthermore, the Vita app allows you to make high-quality videos in simple ways. You can create videos with your favorite sound and music.

What is Vita APK?

This app has many templates, effects, tools, and more features to help you edit videos. Nowadays, video editing is known as a professional skill. You can earn 1k$ and more by providing video editing services on online service platforms. Furthermore, the Vita app allows you to make high-quality videos in simple ways. You can create videos with your favorite sound and music.

 In this app, you’ll find a list including various sounds and music. You can select any sound or music from this list and add it to your video, as well as you can also add your favorite sound and music from your mobile storage to the video. Some parts need the text in all videos to explain the meaning of any part. For example, if you want to introduce your video as a YouTuber.

 In this case, you can add text to different parts of your video to make an explained video, and you can change text colors and sizes. Furthermore, using its features, you can create a high-quality video of 780P and 1080P. Many users face issues with removing and adding a background in other editing apps.

 But in this app, you can easily add and remove backgrounds without any problems. Other editor apps need help understanding and using. Because to use these apps, you need to know about these editor apps. But the Vita app is easy to understand and use. Its features can easily be understood and used by any beginner user. Vita app has features like GoCut, Meitu, Time Cut , VivaCut, and Wink app.

What is Vita Mod APK?

The best part of this app is that you’ll get all those features, templates, and other tools for free, which you have to buy in the original version. And in the original version, many features are locked, which causes problems for users in video editing. But in this mod version, you’ll find all the features unlocked.

Vita Mod APK provides many beautiful templates you can use in your videos and make your boring video unique. In addition, this mod version is watermarked and ad-free.

Hidden Features of Vita APK

Vita APK has many unique features that help in video editing, which you can easily use for free. We’ve explained some elements below. Please read it carefully and use them in your video editing and enjoy. 

1. Add Transitions

 Vita app provides multiple transitions to make the video attractive. The transition list contains split, glitch, graphics, and similar transitions you can add to your video. You can add one or more transitions in the video. Moreover, you can adjust the transition time, add one transition in one video for 5,10 seconds, and add more transitions. Using these transitions makes the video unique.

Vita Mod APK transition

2. Filters and Effects

By adding filters and effects, you can make videos more attractive. In this app, you’ll find 1000+ trending filters and effects, such as face effects, Retro, B&W, and Dreamy, that help you to create amazing videos. You can easily add these filters and effects to your videos.

Vita allows you to adjust filters and effects speed, size, Brightness, and all adjustments. Download filters and effects, select anyone, and use it. Furthermore, filters and effects can make your ugly or boring videos look fantastic.

Vita Mod APK filter & effects

3. Music & Sound Effects

  Among all the features, sound effects are one of the best features of this app. Because without the use of sound effects and music, your video is incomplete. Sound effects make the video stunning. In this app, you’ll find a sound and music library.

This music library is divided into folders so users can choose music and sound quickly. The music library is copyright-free. While using music from the library, you don’t face copyright issues as well as you can export your favorite sound and music from your mobile storage and use it in your videos.

Use sound effects to adjust the music or sound you’ve selected in your video, as well as you can trim sound and adjust sound speed and time using sound effects. Record your voice, and add it to your video.

Vita Mod APK music & sound effects

4. Simply and Secure

Users like such a video editing app that has a user-friendly environment. And in this, feel confident and enjoy editing the video. Moreover, its features are easy to understand and use. Vita Pro provides a user-friendly and enjoyable environment, and its features are divided into different categories so that users can easily use any feature.

We designed this app to meet the user’s requirements in any video editing app and the problems found in other editors. It is a secure app as it does not share your data with anyone. As well as any newbie can easily use this app in simple ways and use this app without fear of data insecurity.

Vita Mod APK easy to use

5. Text & Stickers

Adding text to some parts of the video can make the video more descriptive and explain the video’s meaning. The video’s text helps viewers understand the video’s importance. Furthermore, the Vita app provides many fonts in  English, Korean, Chinese, and other languages in different styles, and you can download and use these texts.

 In text animation, you’ll find various animations through which you can modify the style of text display and many stickers and emojis in the text section. Moreover, by adding stickers and emojis, you can increase your video beauty.

Vita Mod APK text & stickers

6. Export video in HD-Quality

After adding various effects, filters, music, and other effects to the video, it is essential to export it in good quality. Because mostly the video’s quality is reduced after adding effects. Most users can’t export videos with High-quality in different editor apps.

 Furthermore, Vita pro allows you to export your videos in 780P, 1080P, and 4K quality. In the video quality list, you’ll find different video qualities. Select the quality from the list of the quality you want to export the video.

Vita Mod APK export in hd quality

7. Free Store

Vita pro provides us with a free store. This free store has many templates, filters, trending texts, hot effects, stickers, and video stock, which you can easily use in your videos. Select anything from the free store, and use it in your video. In the free store, before using anything, with the preview, you can get an idea of how this feature will look on your video. 

Users can easily select anything from the free store due to dividing all templates, effects, filters, and other items into different folders. Moreover,  using anything from the free store does not get you into copyright trouble.

Vita Mod APK free store

Application’s Requirements

In this paragraph, we’ll discuss Vita pro requirements. Firstly it’s our personal experience and Vita app users’ reviews that this app also works in the old version. You can do essential work in the old android version, but if you want to do high-level work and become a professional editor, you’ll require at least an android 5.1.0 version. In this version, you can do professional-level work quickly and without hassle. 

Secondly, like other applications, the Vita app requires specific permissions when using it for the first time, which helps to access this app and use its features. Other than that, this app has no other additional requirements.

How to Download & Install Vita Mod APK?

It’s easy to download & install the Vita app. Follow the few steps given below, and you can easily download them:

  1. Firstly, Download Vita Mod Apk from the link given at the beginning of the article.
  2. Then, after download completion, open the File manager and select the APK  file.
  3. During installation, your device will ask you for some permission. For this, Turn on “Unknown source.”
  4. Wait till installation complete
  5. In last, click finish or done

Congratulations! You have installed it. Now open it and enjoy video editing.

Vita Mod APk Unknow Sources


  • Free store
  • Easy to Use
  • Export video in 4k HD quality
  • Unlimited Animations and Effects


  • Limited on your android device processing resources
  • Required 5.0 android version or up for best working 

Features of Vita Mod APK

I. Premium Unlocked

Vita app users claim that its premium features are limited and locked. For that reason, users are not satisfied with the Vita app because users need help with video editing due to the locked premium features of this app. And therefore, they face problems adding premium effects to their video and making them fantastic. 

But in this Mod version, you’ll get all the premium features unlocked and unlimited. You can easily use these premium features for free without any hassle. And can use premium features in your video to make it look better.

II. Ads-Free

Another useful feature of a Vita app is that users can use it without ads. Most apps have ads that make it difficult to work because ads are distracting, and it’s hard to work with them. But the Vita app is ads-free. In it, you can work efficiently without the hassle of any ads.

III. Removed Watermark

Other editor apps or their original versions provided by the Google Play store have watermark problems. Watermarks cause trouble for every user because viewers prefer avoiding videos without watermarks. A watermark indicates to the viewer that the video was created using an app, not by itself.

Due to this, the viewers of social media platforms do not like videos with watermarks. But the Vita Mod version has no watermark of any kind. Furthermore, you can use it to make your video look professional and remove the watermark in any video with the help of Vita Pro.

IV. Remove Background

In any video, you want to remove its background, and you need to buy a premium subscription to the app from the Google App Store. But the Vita Mod version provides many premium features that you need to get a premium subscription from Google Play Store. Removing the background is one of the best premium features of the Vita Mod version.

So if you want to use this app’s premium features without a premium subscription, download its Mod version. Furthermore, in the Vita Mod version, you’ll find all premium features unlocked, and you can use it freely without any subscription. You can easily remove your video’s plain and green background and add your favorite background.

What’s New

  • Improvements in text tab
  • Text animation easy to use 
  • Much more features added 
  • Improved performance and stability


Suppose you want to remove the watermark in Vita APk without buying a premium subscription. In that case, you need to download its Mod version. In the Mod version, you can easily remove the watermark.

 The Vita app is free to use and has all the features you need while editing and the featuresThe Vita app is safe and doesn’t share your data with anyone.

The Vita app was created by Snow inc company on 28 November 2022. Furthermore, this company is located in South Korea. That’s why the Vita app is known as the Korean app.

No, but Snow Inc. formed the Vita app, especially for Indian users. Therefore, the Vita app is also known as the Indian app. But the Vita app is a global app.


The Vita app is easy to use, and users do not face issues using it. In this app, all the features include what you need while editing. Furthermore, you can adjust video speed, brightness, sound, and everything and add effects, filters, animations, text style, favorite music, and many more to your video.

Moreover, this Mod version will find unlocked and unlimited premium features. Which are locked and limited in various other editing apps, and you don’t need to buy its premium subscription from the google app store. After editing, you must also export this video in high quality.

The Vita app can export your video in 4K, 780P, and 1080P quality. Download the Vita app and enjoy it. The Vita mod APK is also available for Android and IOS(iPhone, Mac,iPad) and PC (Windows 7,8,10).

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