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Funimate Pro APK No Watermark Download v13.1 (Pro Unlocked)

Do you want to share videos like a professional video editor on social media without in-depth knowledge of video editing, especially video-sharing apps like TikTok or YouTube? Funimate Pro APK is the best video editor app that helps you to make professional videos with advanced and easy-to-use features and tools. You can download Funimate Mod APK from the given link, use all premium features without facing ads, and export videos without a watermark. Besides, Funimate Pro APK is watermark-free, and it has no ads.

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What is Funimate APK? 

Funimate app provides amazing tools and presets that help users to make videos without complicated processes. The multi-layer option allows you to edit videos by adding multi-layers and adding more creativity and uniqueness to videos. In addition, Funimate comes with AI effects and thousands of filters and presets that make videos professional.

Furthermore, Funimate APK provides keyframe editing features that help users edit videos without complex processes. You’ll find a lot of filters that turn dull and simple videos into stunning and attractive ones. Besides, you can easily add video animation to videos and make animated videos. You’ll enjoy video editing using the Funimate app and its amazing tools.

What is Funimate Mod APK?

Do you want to access all premium features of Funimate and export videos without the Funimate watermark for free? Funimate Pro APK download from our website and access all premium features for free, allowing you to export videos without a watermark. You can use all filters and AI effects and make videos more charming.

Funimate for PC  and iOS

The Funimate Pro APK’s latest 2024 version is available for PC and iOS devices. Now you can enjoy video editing with a large display on a PC using Funimate Pro APK. You can edit videos without a complex process. You can enjoy using the Funimate app and edit videos easily and quickly. 

Furthermore, you can download Funimate for iOS devices like Chromebook, Mac, and iPhone. You can enjoy the Funimate app on your iOS devices. Use the Funimate app on iOS devices and edit amazing videos using its brilliant tools and features. You get a lot of options for editing in the Funimate app to edit videos.

Funimate Old Version

Funimate is offered by AVCR Inc., which also provides various editing apps. AVCR Inc. updates the Funimate app occasionally, removes bugs from old versions, and provides the latest version. You can use the Funimate latest version v12.13.1 of 2024 if you use the old version of Funimate, including v11.9.1, v11.22, v12.3, v12.4.1, v12.8.1, v12.11.1, and v12.12.1. So download Funimate Mod APK, latest version, v12.13.1, from our website and enjoy the new and latest features.

Features of Funimate APK

1. Powerful Video Editor

Funimate app is an easy-to-use and powerful video editor. Beginner users can use its all-powerful tools with ease. You don’t need in-depth knowledge and experience in editing because you can edit videos without any complex process. The Funimate app shows results quickly, and you don’t need to wait for a long time because Funimate shows results within seconds.

Furthermore, the Funimate app provides AI tools that help newbie users edit videos within seconds. All the tools are awesome, and the use of all turns old and simple videos into stunning and professional ones. Funimate APK has all the editing tools everybody needs in any video editor. BeautyPlus Mod APK is also best photo & vidoe editor app.

Funimate Mod

2. Keyframe Editing

Funimate app provides a keyframe editing feature that is very helpful for users. You can add an anchor point in the video to add an effect, and you can select the duration of the effect by adding an anchor point in the video. Besides, you can add more than one effect in one video by adding anchor points. Keyframe features help you to add different effects to one video with ease. You can also edit photo and video with keyframe editing using Alight Motion Pro APK.

Funimate APK

3. Video Effects

You’ll find thousands of video effects in the Funimate app that make videos more amazing. Funimate provides various video effects, including blur, shake, glitch, scary, and bling effects. You can add any effect to the video with one tap, and Funimate shows the result in the video within a few seconds. Besides, you can add effects to videos to make them stunning and charming. These effects help you to make videos attractive quickly.

Furthermore, you can add text to videos using the Funimate app. You’ll find various font styles that you can use and add font color, border, and shadow. Besides, you can add different shapes in videos and turn simple text and shape into 3D scenes. You can decorate videos as you want using the Funimate app.

Funimate APK Mod

4. Video Transitions

You can add transitions to the video using the Funimate app. You’ll find various transitions, including a soft light, subtract, divide, and color burn. Add any transition from all transitions and make videos unique and professional. Besides, the Funimate app provides animation features that help you add video animation like intro, overall, outro, and shake animation. You can have fun using the Funimate app during video editing. You can use PixelFlow Mod APK to make video intros & outros.

Funimate APP

5. Video Filters

The Funimate app provides video effects as well as video filters. You’ll find various video filters that you can add to videos to make them unique and attractive. You can adjust the video filter intensity according to the video. Add an attractive video filter and make the video more charming and professional. These video filters are colorful and turn dull & colorless videos into colorful ones. Add any video filters from them, adjust their intensity, and make the video amazing. VSCO Mod APK provide amazing FX effects.

Funimate APK Pro

6. Multi Layer Editing

You can edit videos by adding multi layers. In the Funimate app, you can add more than one layer in one video and control all layers at one time. Using multi-layers, you can add images, videos, text, shapes, and music in one video. Multi-layer editing feature helps you to edit videos without complex processes. You can edit videos within a short time using a multi-layer feature. You can also try Reface Mod APK to make music video clips.

Funimate Pro

Application’s Requirements

  • Funimate app requires Android 5.0 and up version
  • Create a log-in account

How to Download Funimate Pro APK latest version of 2024?

You can download Funimate Mod APK for free by below steps:

  1. Firstly, download Funimate Pro APK from the given link at the start of the article
  2. Secondly, open the device file manager and select the download file
  3. Then, click on the download file to start the installation
  4. Now, you need to go to the security setting and enable Unknown Sources to continue the installation
  5. Wait until the installation is complete
  6. Lastly, after the installation is complete, click on Done or Open

Congratulations! Funimate Pro APK is installed on your device. Please open it and edit the video with amazing tools.


  • Available for both Android & iOS
  • Safe for kids from privacy settings 
  • Best for creating music clips


  • It requires 100 MB of free space to smooth downloading
  • Need a log-in account
Funimate Pro APK

Features of Funimate Pro APK

I. Premium Unlocked

In the original version of the Funimate app, you’re unable to use all its features. You need to buy a premium subscription to use all premium features. Therefore, if you want to unlock Funimate Mod APK, download it from our website and unlock all premium features. Besides, you can access all premium features for free by downloading Funimate Mod APK latest version of 2024, from our website. 

II. Funimate Without Watermark

Do you face watermark issues while using the original version of the Funimate app? Do you want to get rid of the watermark for free? Download Funimate Pro APK from our website and get rid of the watermark. You can download Funimate Mod APK no watermark for free from our website without paying a single penny. Funimate Pro APK allows you to export videos without a watermark.

III. Get Rid of Ads

If you face ad appearance issues while using the original version of Funimate, you can download Funimate Pro APK from our website and get rid of ads for free. You can work quickly without facing ads while using Funimate Pro APK. You enjoy Funimate Pro because you don’t face disturbing ads. Download Funimate Pro APK from our website and enjoy it without facing ads.

What’s New

  • Updated all features
  • All bugs remove


Download Funimate Mod APK from our website and remove the watermark for free.

Yes, the Funimate app is a free video editor available on Google Play Store for free.

Download Funimate Pro APK from our website and get access to the Pro features of Funimate for free.


Funimate Pro APK is the best video editor app for newbie users to enjoy using its easy-to-use features. You can edit videos with keyframe features and add music, 3D shapes, animation, video effects, and filters. You can use all Funimate Pro features for free by downloading Funimate Pro from our website. Funimate allows users to edit videos using premium features without facing ads and export them with 4K ultra HD quality without a watermark.

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