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PhotoRoom Mod APK Without Watermark V4.8.2 (Pro Unlocked)

Do you want to create attractive product images for your reseller account, own small business, and ecommerce store? And you want to remove the image background and add instant background and want to add instant shadow, text, and retouch your photos. PhotoRoom Mod APK is the best app for making product images, removing the background and adding a background to images. 

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What is PhotoRoom APK?

PhotoRoom is the best app for those with an ecommerce store and a small business. Because the PhotoRoom app provides various product images that users want to make for their ecommerce store, you can use the PhotoRoom app as a reseller, creator, and for your ecommerce store. In addition, all the product images are customisable. 

You can use predefined product images, but you can also add your product name, discount value, and image. Moreover, you can remove the image background and add an amazing background that the PhotoRoom app provides. PhotoRoom app provides many backgrounds you can add to your images. 

You can make images with different sizes, such as YouTube covers, Facebook cover photos, LinkedIn profiles, and Instagram post sizes. You don’t need to make a product picture. Select any product image and replace the name and discount value. You can remove the background image in bulk.

What is PhotoRoom Mod APK?

PhotoRoom app provides many features, background styles, and product images, but you can use limited features for free. You can use only basic features, and Pro features are locked in the original version. Furthermore, you can remove the background but can’t add the background in images while using the original version. 

PhotoRoom app mostly provides Pro features that are locked and paid. You can’t use Pro features without buying a premium subscription. And you want to avoid paying money to unlock Pro features. In that case, download PhotoRoom Mod APK from our website, in which you’ll find all Pro features unlocked in advance, and PhotoRoom Mod APK  allows you to export photos without a watermark. You can use all Pro features and product images and remove & add images’ backgrounds.

Hidden Features of PhotoRoom APK

1. Many Professional Backgrounds

PhotoRoom app provides a lot of professional and amazing backgrounds that change the look of the photos. Other editor apps have limited and basic backgrounds, but in the PhotoRoom app, you’ll find all types of backgrounds, such as professional, branding products, colourful, and podcast backgrounds. PixelLab Mod APK, EPIK Mod APK, and CapCut Mod APK also provides various background.

In addition, you’ll find Shopify templates, YouTube miniatures, and various product images you want to make for your Ecommerce store. You can add colourful backgrounds like white, black, and green, and you can also add professional backgrounds in your product images. Select your image and add any trending and attractive background from all available backgrounds.

Instant Background

2. Magic Retouch Option

Another feature of the PhotoRoom app that you can take advantage of is easily removing different objects from your photos. Select your image and then select the objects with a magic brush that you want to remove. All the selected objects will be removed from your image automatically. This feature is so easy to use and shows results quickly. You can also remove unwanted objects in Retouch Mod APK, AirBrush Mod APK, and Lightleap Mod APK.

Magic Retouch

3. Remove Image Background

Many background remover apps remove image backgrounds but destroy image quality. In other apps, you need to select the background manually and then remove the background. But in the PhotoRoom remove background APK, you don’t need to select the background; select your image. The PhotoRoom app removes the background automatically without decreasing quality. The PhotoRoom app removes the background quickly. You can also use Lensa Mod APK to remove image background.

Remove Background

4. Add Stunning Looks

PhotoRoom app provides a collection of predefined professional images. You’ll find all types of background images that make your photos amazing. You can make attractive product images, remove the background, remove unwanted objects, resize photos,  and add text, shadows and blur. PhotoRoom provides customizable images, but you can replace the image’s name, image and size. You may also like 3D Lut Mod APK to add stunning looks in photos.

PhotoRoom Mod APK

5. Use PhotoRoom for Reseller, creator, and small business

You can use the PhotoRoom app for different purposes, such as if you are a content creator and want to create YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram posts and profile pictures,  you can use PhotoRoom. You’ll find various predefined templates, and you can add background, shadow & blur, remove background, and remove anything from your pictures. 

In addition, You can use the PhotoRoom app as a reseller. You need professional product images for your reseller account. When you make a professional product, you attract buyer attention. You’ll find many product images that you can use for your reseller account.  If you want to make product sale video you can use Story Bit Mod APK.

Furthermore, if you have your own Ecommerce store and want to boost your business, you can boost your Ecommerce store by making branding and professional images. Professional image attracts buyers’ attention and forces them to buy this product. In the PhotoRoom app, you’ll find a lot of professional product images that you use to boost your business.

PhotoRoom Mod APK

Application’s Requirements

  • Enable basic permissions
  • PhotoRoom requires a minimum Android 9.0 version and up for best performance. 

How to Download & Install PhotoRoom Mod APK?

If you want to download the Pro version of the PhotoRoom app for free, follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, click the download link to download PhotoRoom Mod APK at the start of the article 
  2. Secondly, select the download file that you download and click it to installation
  3. Then, you click the file you need to enable “Unknown Sources” to installation
  4. Then, wait until the installation process
  5. Lastly, after installation, click done or open

Congratulations! PhotoRoom Mod APK has been installed on your device, and now open it on your device and make something unique. 


  • Remove Background
  • Create product images
  • Export images in Webp format


  • Can’t use the Pro version for free
  • Ads appear in the original version
  • Most features locked in the original version
PhotoRoom  Mod APK Unknow Sources

Features of PhotoRoom Mod APK

I. Pro Unlocked 

PhotoRoom app has only some basic features unlocked, as you can only remove backgrounds and add some colourful ones. They are locked in the original version if you want to use professional backgrounds and product images. 

To use Pro features, you buy a premium subscription, but if you want to unlock Pro features without a subscription, you can download PhotoRoom Mod APK for free. You’ll get all Pro features unlocked in the Pro version, and you can use all features you can’t use in the original version.

II. PhotoRoom Mod APK Without Watermark

The main benefit of the Pro version of PhotoRoom is you can export photos without a watermark. The PhotoRoom Mod APK is watermark-free and allows users to export photos without a watermark. In the original version, you can’t export photos without a watermark; if you want to remove the watermark, you need a premium subscription. Therefore, download PhotoRoom Mod APK and get rid of the watermark. 

III. Free of Cost

You need a premium subscription if you want to remove the watermark and unlock all VIP features. And if you want to get the Pro version of PhotoRoom for free, download it from our website and enjoy all Pro features and export photos without a watermark. Furthermore, you can download Photoroom Mod APK without a premium subscription.

What’s New

  • Many fixes and improvements 
  • Search for your favorite instant backgrounds


Yes, you can use PhotoRoom Mod APK  for PC, Android and iOS. 

You can download PhotoRoom Mod APK from our website for free. 

In the PhotoRoom, you can remove the background of your images and add an amazing background. 


PhotoRoom is the best app for those who want to remove background, add an attractive background, and make images in different sizes, such as YouTube cover, Facebook cover, Profiles photo and Instagram post sizes. Furthermore, you can remove unwanted objects from your photos. Download PhotoRoom Mod APK watermark-free, in which all Pro features are unlocked. 

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