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PixelLab Mod APK Unlimited Font Download v2.1.3 (Ad-Free)

Nowadays, everyone has social media platforms accounts and Youtube channels. Users want to make impressive social profile cover photos, like Facebook, Twitter, and  Google Plus cover images. The Pixellab Mod APK is one of the best for creating logos and social profile pictures, banners,  and cover photos. You can add 3D text to your photos in different ways. Make graphic photos, and add reflections and other effects to your photos. 

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What is PixelLab APK?

The Pixellab app provides many photo editing effects and text effects. You can add text to your photos in different ways. You can make different logos, 3D text banners, and text posts in the Pixellab app. In other apps, you can make photos in a fixed size, but you can make different size photos like YouTube banners, thumbnails, cover photos, and profile-size photos in the Pixellab app. 

You can create professional logos that users make in Adobe Photoshop and other editing apps, add text effects such as inner shadow, reflection, 3D shadow, and gradient color, and make a professional logo for your brand. You’ll find famous Quotes in different categories, such as motivation, success, friendship, and positivity quotes. Add quotes, stickers, emojis, and 3D text to your photos. Lightleap Mod APK , EPIK Mod APK, Motion Ninja Mod APK, and Koloro Mod APK are also used for photo editing.

What is PixelLab Mod APK?

Pixellab Mod APK is the pro version of the Pixellab app that users must buy during its original version. Because when users use the original version, users can use only limited stickers, effects, and text styles. If users want to use the pro features, they must buy them. In the original version, one pro sticker cost is a minimum 2$.

In addition, when ads appear in the original version during editing photos, they stop your work for 15 to 30 seconds, and ads appear repeatedly. Ads only could be removed with a premium subscription. But you can download the Pixellab Mod APK ads-free version without paying a single penny. Furthermore, the pro version has all the premium features unlocked; you can use them for free.

Hidden Features of PixelLab APK

1. Multiple Text Options

Adding text in photos makes them clear and textable. You can add a highlight, heading, and complete sentence in your pictures with multiple text options. You can add text to your photos, make text posts in the Pixellab app, and add background images to your posts. You’ll find many background presets in the Pixellab app, which you can use for making posts.

 Enjoy many text options, make professional text posts, add text to your photo, and apply text effects such as inner shadow, texture, mask, and 3D reflection. Using text effects perfectly in your text, you can make attractive posts within a few minutes. Make engaging posts, add text in photos with multiple options, and make your unique content.

Multiple Text Options Pixellab Mod APK

2. 3D Text with Ease

Making simple text 3D is difficult, and other editor apps don’t have 3D text effects. You can add 3D text to your photos and make 3D text posts easily in Pixellab app. You’ll find many 3D text styles, and you can also make your simple text 3D with its unique features. You can adjust 3D effects such as extrude stroke, 3d rotation, intensity, and shadow, adjust all 3D effects of your choice and make unique 3D text.

3D Text with Ease Pixellab Mod APK

3. Add Beautiful Sticker, Emoji & Shapes

Only text can’t make your pictures interesting, you can add  different stickers & emojis to make your photos interesting and loving. Pixellab app provides many useful and interesting stickers and emojis that make your pictures more impressive and stunning. For making your own stickers you can use ToonMe Mod APK.

You can adjust sticker & emoji size and position as you want, and you can add shapes in your photos and add gradient color in shapes. Draw option is the best for you because you can draw in your pictures as you want. You can highlight anything from a picture, add a small drawing with a draw option.

Add Beautiful Stickers Pixellab Mod APK

4. Add Background as Your Need

You can make eye-catching posts and photos using the best background. You can add one specific color, gradient color and suitable wallpaper in your photos and posts background using the Pixellab app. The best background helps you make photos & posts engaging and eye-catching. You’ll find many background styles that you can use, and you can also add wallpaper and background from your device library as you wish. Use PhotoRoom Mod APK, AirBrush Mod APK, and Lensa Mod APK for best and professional backgrounds.

Background Removal

5. Use Predefined Presets

The Pixellab app greatly helps newbie users to create unique content and share it on social media platforms. Therefore, the Pixellab app provides predefined presets, helping you to make unique posts and photos quickly. Presets are predefined, but you can customize them. Select any presets, customize them, and add your data and pictures as needed. 

Predefined Presets

6.  Perspective Editing

The Pixellab app provides photo editing tools, and you can use its features to edit your photos. You can add improvements to old photos by adjusting the photo’s brightness, hue, saturation, and contrast. Add vignettes to your photos and make them impressive and unique. Snow Mod APK and Meitu Mod APK also help you to add improvements to your old photos. 

Perspective Editing

7. Share & Export Images with Multiple Options

Firstly, the Pixellab app allows you to share your photos directly from Pixellab app on social media platforms without exporting your photos. In other editor apps, you export images then you can share them; otherwise, you can’t share photos without exporting them. But You can share your pictures on social media platforms without exporting them using the Pixellab app. 

In addition, you can export photos in different sizes, such as profile pictures, Youtube channel banners & thumbnails, and Facebook & Twitter cover photos. You can select the image size before exporting. Furthermore, you can export photos in JPG & PNG format and ultra-high quality.

Share & Export

Application’s Requirements

  • Enable “Unknown Sources
  • It required an android 4.1 version or up to perform better

How to Download & Install PixelLab Mod APK?

  1. Firstly, download Pixellab Mod APK from the given at the start of the article.
  2. Secondly, select the download file from the file manager 
  3. Now, click the download file to install it
  4. Enable “ Unknown Sources “ to installation
  5. Wait until installation complete
  6. Lastly, after installation, click done or open

Congratulations! Pixellab Mod APK is installed on your device, and now open it and enjoy.  


  • 3D text effects
  • Predefined presets
  • Background remove & add feature
  • Make Youtube thumbnail, banner, and cover photo


  • No filters and effects
  • No music effects
Pixellab Mod APK Unknow Sources

Features of PixelLab Mod APK

I. Premium Features Unlocked

Pixellab app provides many text effects and editing features, but when you use them, you’ll find most of them locked. You can’t unlock them, and you need to buy a premium subscription to unlock and use premium features. Pixellab premium APK download for free from our website, in which all the features, stickers, emojis, and presets are unlocked, and you can use them without paying a single penny. 

II. Free of Cost 

The Pixellab Pro APK is paid, and you can’t use the pro version without a premium subscription. Users pay money before using the pro version. But you don’t need to spend money to use the pro version of the Pixellab app because you can download Pixellab Mod APK from our website without paying a single penny.

III. Ads-Free

When users edit photos in the original version of the Pixellab app, they often face ads that appear for 30 seconds. Ads repeatedly appear that stop the editing process. Users try to remove ads, but they can’t remove ads without a premium subscription. Pixellab Mod APK download ads-free version without paying a single penny. The Pro version has no ads, and you can complete work quickly in Pixellab Mod APK.

What’s New

  • Bug Fixes
  • Improvements in performance


Pixellab Mod APK is available for Android, PC, and iOS devices. 

You can download Pixellab Mod APK for free without a premium subscription from our website. 

You can make Youtube banners, thumbnails, cover photos, and profile photos in Pixellab Mod APK. 


You can make your photos stunning by adding stylish text, 3D text, stickers, and different backgrounds by using Pixellab Mod APK. You’ll find many predefined presets, but you can also customise them and add data or photos as needed. You can remove backgrounds and add different backgrounds to your pictures and posts. 

The pixellab ultra Mod APK allows you to make Youtube banners, cover photos, profile photos and thumbnails and share them on social media platforms without exporting. You can export images in JPG and PNG format and ultra quality. Pixellab Pro Mod APK free download ads-free version in which you’ll find all VIP features unlocked, and you can use them for free.

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