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Facetune 2 Mod APK V2.30.0.2-free (No Watermark) 

Captured pictures with a mobile camera look simple and ugly. Do you want to retouch and reshape your old captured pictures and add filters, FX effects, change hair color & cloth color, makeup your images, and apply more effects to them? Facetune 2 Mod APK is one of the best photo editing apps with retouching features that allow users to turn old photos into unique and new amazing looks by adding filters, backgrounds, sky effects, makeup, and more features. Facetune 2 Mod APK is also called Facetune.

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Facetune / Facetune 2


Lightricks Ltd.


Photo Editor


180 MB

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Premium Unlocked/ No Watermark

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What is Facetune2 APK?

You can start photo editing with the Facetune app, which provides one-tap use features that helps you to become a professional photo editor and edit amazing photos. If you’ve captured old photos so you can retouch, reshape your photos, add background, filters, and FX effects, change eye, hair & cloth colour, and remove unwanted objects from your photos.

Furthermore, you can make-up your simple photos and enhance their beauty. Use all tools that Facetune2 provides and make your photos adorable. Facetune is an editor app that helps newbies and professional users turn their simple selfies into amazing and impressive ones. Besides, you can make your photos AI avatar in Facetune2. Facetune 2 app provides Lightricks Ltd., famous for providing photo video editors. Lightricks Ltd. provides editor apps such as Motionleap Mod APK, Lightleap Mod APK, and Videoleap Mod APK.

What is Facetune Mod APK?

Facetune has many powerful and impressive tools that users use and makes amazing photos. Everyone can’t use all the features of Facetune because many features are locked in the official version. Furthermore, photo editing is not easy in the original version because ads appear while editing for a long time. 

Ads disturb users and stop their tasks. If you buy a premium subscription to use all premium features and get rid of ads, you must pay a lot of money because Facetune Pro is so costly. But from our website, you can download Facetune 2 Mod APK for free, in which you don’t face ads, and all VIPs are unlocked in it. Feel free and download Facetune Mod APK and enjoy its amazing features.

Facetune for PC & iOS

Are you an Android user, and you edit your photos with a small display but want to edit your photo on your PC with a bigger display? The good news is that you can easily edit photos on your PC with a larger display using the Facetune app. Download any Emulator like Nox or Bluestacks on your PC and use the Facetune app. Furthermore, you can use the Facetune app on iOS, Mac, and iPhone devices. 

Features of Facetune APK

1. Reshape Photos

Sometimes your captured photos don’t look as you want. Do you want to reshape and retouch your old captured photos? Facetune2 app is helpful because it provides reshaping and retouching tools that you can use and reshape your photos as you want. You can easily reshape your photos using the Facetune 2 Mod APK. If you want to retouch and reshape your photos, you can also use Wink Mod APK and Retouch Mod APK. 

Reshape Photos

2. Smooth and Beautify your Skins

If your captured photos are so simple and ugly and you want to add some beauty and make your photos amazing, use the Facetune2 app, which provides amazing beautifying features. You’ll find a smooth section in Facetune2 in which you’ve more features that you can use to beautify your old photos. 

Furthermore, you can apply different beautifying tools to your photos with ease. You can make your photo smooth and beautiful. You’ll find a glow tool to apply to your dark photos and turn them into a stunning look. Besides, you can remove unnecessary overlays from your photos.

Facetune2 Mod APK

3. Object Remover from Photo

Facetune2  is an object remover from photos. You can remove unwanted objects from your photos to make them clean and amazing. If your photos have unnecessary elements, use the Facetune2 app to remove all unwanted objects and make them stunning. Unwanted objects look bad in photos.

Object Remover from Photo

4. Photo Makeup Editor

If your captured photos are so simple and you want to improve your old photos, use the Facetune app that provides makeup tools. You can make up your old photos in one tap. You can apply base, blush, liner, glitter, and shadow on your photos. Apply different makeup tools to your simple photos and make them adorable. 

Photo Makeup Editor

5. Whiten Teeth

You can whiten your dark teeth in Facetune2 with ease. Furthermore, you can make your old photos as you want and apply various makeup tools to make them amazing. Feel free and use all Facetune features as needed and make photos fantastic. You can add FX effects to your photos that look outstanding. Use the Facetune app and apply various effects to your photos.

Whiten Teeth

6. Adjust Photos

In the Facetune2 app, you can adjust your photos as you want. You can adjust the details setting of your photos and apply various amazing filters on them. You can crop photos and adjust photo sizes like 16.9, 4.3, and 1.1. Furthermore, you can adjust photos’ glow, contrast, color, sharpening, grain, and shadow to make them adorable. Besides, you can apply sky effects and change the background image. 

Adjust Photos

7. Change Hair Color

In the Facetune2 app, you can change your photos’ hair, eye, and cloth color. You’ll find various attractive and amazing colors to apply to your photo hair, eye, and cloth. If you don’t justify your photo hair and eye color, use the Facetune2 app to change color. 

Change Hair Color

Application’s Requirements

  • Facetune requires Android 7.0 and up version
  • Enable ” Unknown Sources ” to access it

How to Download & Install Facetune Mod APK?

If you want to download Facetune for free, follow the below instructions:

  1. Firstly, click on the download button to start downloading
  2. Secondly, select the download file from the file manager
  3.  Then, tap on the download file to begin the installation
  4. Now enable ” Unknown Sources ” to continue the installation
  5. Then, wait until the installation process complete
  6. Lastly, tap on the Done or Open after installation

Congratulations! Facetune 2 Mod APK is installed on your device and open it and makes your simple selfies adorable.


  • Unlimited Features
  • Retouching & Reshaping Features
  • Makeup your Photos 


  • In-app purchase 
  • Ads contained in the original version 
Facetune  Mod APK Unknow Sources

Features of Facetune Pro

I. Facetune 2 Mod APK without watermark

Everybody exports their photos after editing them and wants to export photos without a watermark. Do you also want to export photos without a watermark? If you want to export photos using the original version of Factune, you can’t do it because the original version has a watermark that adds to your photos while exporting.

Watermark doesn’t remove  without a premium subscription. Premium subscriptions are very costly, and you need money to buy them. Please get rid of the premium subscription, download Facetune 2 Mod APK from our website for free, and export your photos without a watermark. Facetune 2 Mod APK has no watermark that allows users to export photos without a watermark.

II. Facetune VIP Unlocked

When you use the official version of Facetune, you see locked VIP features. VIP features are amazing, and everyone wants to use them for free, but they can’t use them. VIP features are premium, and you can’t unlock them without a subscription. Download Facetune 2 Mod APK for free from our website, which all VIPs unlock, and you can use them. 

III. No Ads

The main and best benefit of Facetune Mod APK is its ads-free. You won’t face various ads in Facetune Mod APK. In the original version, users face ads while editing that stop their editing. But you can work consistently in Facetune Mod APK. Download Facetune Mod APK from our website for free and enjoy its amazing features.   

What’s New

  • Bug Fixes


You can download Facetune from Google Play Store for free, but if you want to become a Pro user, you must buy a premium subscription to use all VIP features. 

Yes, you can use available features for free, but if you want to use VIP features, you need a premium subscription.

The VIP features of Facetune are paid, and you can’t get them for free, but you can download Facetune 2 Mod APK from our website for free, in which you’ll get all VIP unlocked for free. 


Facetune Mod APK is the best photo editing app for Android and iOS devices. Various features include reshaping, retouching, filters, FX, background, and sky effects. You can make your photos in the Facetune app as you want. You can change your eye, hair, and cloth colour, remove unwanted objects, and add a background to your photos. Download Facetune 2 Mod APK from our website and get all VIPs unlocked; this version is also watermarked and ad-free. 

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