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Videoleap MOD APK v1.22.1 (Pro Unlocked/ No Watermark)

You must have used many editing apps, but are you not satisfied with these apps due to their not user-friendly interface? Do you want an app with a user-friendly interface and all the features that help you edit? Videoleap Mod APK is one of the best editing apps, with all editing features and a user-friendly interface.

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Using its powerful tools, you can create a short film, transition, and slideshow and edit photos or videos. Videoleap makes your editing process easy and fun with its user-friendly interface. Moreover, it includes many colorful filters, sound effects, templates, and more features. You can use all the features in Videoleap to make your photos and videos more attractive.

What is Videoleap APK?

VideoLeap has many templates, filters, effects, and more features. Using them, you can make transitions, slideshows, short films, and more. It has 500+ templates that you can easily use in your photos and videos. Templates are in different folders from which you can choose the template as you wish without any problem.

While choosing a template, you can also see its preview of how the template will look on your photo and video. You can add more filters and effects to already edited templates. Choose your favorite template and select the images or videos to which you want to add the template. After it, you’ll find many features like audio, filters, effects, a mixer, and more. Use all of them in your video and photo.

You’ll find many features in this app, and you can use them all as per your need and make your simple, colorless photo colorful and impressive. It has 500+ copyright-free sounds and music in different categories, and you can add them to your video and image and can also add sound or music from your device library. Videoleap app provides Lightricks Ltd. that are also provides photo & Video editor like Lighteap Mod APK and Facetune 2 Mod APK.

What is Videoleap Mod APK?

The original version has many valuable features, which you can use, but premium features are locked, and you can’t use them. If you want to use premium features, you need to buy a paid version, but we’ll provide a Videoleap mod version.

In the mod version, you’ll get all premium features unlocked and unlimited, and you can use them without paying a single penny. Mainly after the export process, photo and video quality are reduced in other apps, but this app can export your photo and video with 1080P high quality without any watermark. Videoleap Mod APK has a user-friendly interface and features like Capcut , Noizz, VivaCut, and Wink app.

Unique Features of Videoleap Apk

1. Easy to Use and Best UI

  Videoleap is designed with a simple interface so that any newbie and professional user can easily understand and use it. Its user-friendly interface helps every new user to use its features and edit photos. For the user’s convenience, the components are divided into different sections so users can use them without hassle.

Before exporting your project, you can preview it in full screen. Newbie users can easily understand the simple design of this app and edit their photos and videos.

Videoleap Mod APK easy to use

2. Unique Templates

In this app, you’ll get 500+ trendy templates, which you can use in your photo and video. You can select and search for your favorite templates from the templates section. You can add more effects to already edited templates.

 Please choose your favorite template, and after it, select the photos to which you want to apply the template. Using templates, you can convert your images into videos and make them more attractive. You can see template previews and get an idea of how the template will look on photos.

Videoleap Mod APK templates

3. Trendy Filters

The section of editing filters has 80+ unique filters, which change the entire look of photos and videos. You can add filters easily in your photo and video and give them a new impressive look. Moreover, you can edit and adjust the colour of the filters as you wish.

 In the filter section, you’ll also see the animation, and you can add animations in the start, mid, and end parts of your photo and video to make them more attractive. By adding filters, you can change the simple look of an image and video to a unique look easily and quickly.

Videoleap Mod APK filters

4. Eye-catching Effects

If you’re unsatisfied with filters and can’t edit your photos as you want, you can use effects. The effects section includes shake, prism, RGB, and more, which you can use in your photo and video. You can edit your photo and video as you wish by using effects. 

 In the effects section, you’ve many options, and now you can make your photos and videos more unique and unforgettable. The effects section also has animations, and you can use them. You can add animations at the video’s start, mid, and end to make it more attractive. You can also adjust Velocity, Intensity, Vibration, and all effects settings.

Videoleap Mod APK effects

5. Add Sound & Music

Sound is an essential effect to attract viewers to your videos. Having the best sound or music in the video makes the audience and viewers feel energized and engaged with the video. Fortunately, Videoleap’s latest version has a huge copyright-free sound and music library, which you can use in your videos.

The music section is divided into 15+ folders, making it easy for you to choose music. As well as you’ll get 10+ folders In the sound section, which has different sounds like cartoons, bleeps, animals, and more sounds. You can search for your favorite sound and add them to videos. You can also use Vllo Mod APK to add copyright music in video.

Moreover, You can add sound or music from your device’s music library, and you can also record your voice and can add it to videos. After selecting sound or music, you can choose a part of the video to which you want to add them. You can adjust sound or music speed and volume and reverse your sound or music in Enlight Videoleap.

Videoleap Mod APK sound & music effects

6. Export with high quality and different frame

Users using other video editors claim that the video quality decreases and the video frame become distorted after exporting the video. Users feel embarrassed to share low-quality videos on social platforms. But don’t worry about it, because in Videoleap, you can export photos and video in 360P to 1080P high quality.

Exporting video from Videoleap doesn’t reduce video quality and frame distortion. Before exporting the video, you can change the video frame using the canvas section. The canvas section has different structures, 16.9, 4.3, 9.16, and 4.5, of which you can use any format you want.

Videoleap Mod APK export in hd quality

Application’s Requirements

Lightricks Ltd, a famous company offering many video editors, developed Videoleap. Videoleap has no different and more requirements compared to other apps. It’s simple and essential, like:

  • Required log-in account 
  • Required Android 8.0 or up version and iOS 14.0 or Up version 
  • To access this app and use its features, Allow “Unknown Sources.” 

How to Download & Install Videoleap Mod APK?

Below are simple steps by following these steps, you can free download and install it easily:

  1. Firstly, Download Videoleap Mod Apk from the link given at the beginning of the article.
  2. Then, select the file from the file manager
  3. Click the file to Install it 
  4. Then, the app asks you to turn ON “Unknown Sources” please Allow “Unknown Sources” from the device setting.
  5. Wait until Installation is complete.
  6. Lastly, after the installation process, click  Done or Open

Congratulations! you’ve done it, and now open the Videoleap Mod APK app and enjoy its unique features.

Videoleap Mod APk Unknow Sources


  • Crop videos
  • Best user-friendly interface
  • Reverse video sound or music
  • Unique and adjustable template


  •  Log-in account required
  • Premium is locked in the original version.
  • A premium subscription is up to $139.99 per year.

Features of Videoleap Mod APK

I. Unlocked all Premium Features

The primary and significant problem of users using the original version of Videoleap is premium locks because users can’t use the premium features due to premium locks. To use premium features, users also buy a paid version of this app, but still, they can’t use premium features.

       By unlocking premium features, you can use more tools and features and add them to your photos and videos. Fortunately, in the Videoleap Mod APK, premium features are unlocked, and you can use them without paying a single penny. Use premium features, add more impressive effects to your videos and make them unique.

II. No Watermark

A watermark is another serious issue for users using the Videoleap official version because the official version has a watermark that appears in videos and photos after export. Users don’t share videos and images with watermarks on social platforms because viewers don’t like videos with watermarks.

Users can’t remove watermarks from photos or videos in the official version. In the original version, you need to buy a paid version from Google App Store to remove the watermark from your video. But the Mod version is without a watermark, and you can also remove the watermark while exporting the video.

Videoleap Mod APK has a watermark option. Turning it on when exporting videos and photos will add a watermark to your video, and turning it off will not add a watermark to your video and photo.

III. No Ads

If you use the original version of Videoleap, you’ll see ads in it. The ads appear during work and slow down work. The ads’ duration is a minimum of 15 seconds, making it difficult to edit when ads appear. Most of the users leave Videoleap due to ads because ads are annoying while working. 

But the Videoleap Mod APk has no any kind of ads, and you can work in it without any hassle. You can feel better in the Mod version compared to the original version during work. Users buy a paid subscription to remove ads in the original version, but you don’t need a paid subscription because the mod version is ad-free.

What’s New

  • Improvements in UI
  • Added more templates 
  • Added more sound and music


The owner of Videoleap is an Israel-based company, Lightricks. Ltd 

Yet, Videoleap is available for Android and iOS devices, but currently, there’s yet to be a version available for PC.

Yes, you can access all the premium features of Videoleap without a subscription. You can access all premium features in the mod version of Videoleap without buying the premium subscription.

Enlight Videoleap is available on Google Play Store, but the Pro version is not available, and it costs up to 139.99$ Per year. You don’t need to buy the Pro version because we’ll provide the Pro version of Videoleap.


Videoleap includes 100+ copyright-free sounds and music, filters, effects, templates, text style, and more features, and by using them, you can make your videos more impressive. It’s a user-friendly interface app that any newbie and professional user can easily understand and use.

Users use the original version of this app and find the premium features locked, and a premium subscription is required to use them. But In Videoleap Mod APK, you’ll find all premium features unlocked, and by using them, you can make awesome videos and export them in 1080P quality without a watermark.

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