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VivaCut MOD APK No Watermark v3.5.4 (Pro Unlocked)

Those who want to improve their creativity want to make more unique videos by adding different effects with easy-use features. VivaCut Mod APK is the best video editing app for you that provides a wide range of editing features and predefined templates in a user-friendly interface. Make videos by adding animations, VFX music, text, stickers, and filters and export them with 4k ultra quality. You can use the VivaCut app in 20 different languages. 

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What is VivaCut APK?

The VivaCut app is the best choice for newbies in the video-creating field. The VivaCut app helps newbie users to create unique content. You can customize your old videos and add trending filters, VFX effects, and overlays, and you can trim, cut, & group your videos. 

In addition, other editor apps are difficult to use, and you can’t make your videos as you want. But VivaCut is a user-friendly app, and you can enjoy using its easy-to-use features and add trending effects to your videos and export them with 4K ultra quality. The VivaCut app is available in 20 different languages like Mivi Mod APK. VivaCut is the complete video editing app such as CapCut Mod APK, Wink Mod APK, PowerDirector Mod APK, and Venlow Mod APK.

What is ViavaCut Mod APK?

You can use all the free features of the VivaCut app, but you can’t use pro features when you use the original version. In the original version, only basic features were unlocked, but the main and premium features were locked, and you can’t use them.

In addition, a watermark is added to your videos when you export them, and you can’t remove them for free. Users buy premium subscriptions to unlock features and remove the watermark. You can unlock premium features and remove watermarks for free by downloading VivaCut Mod APK. VivaCut Mod APK is watermark-free, and all its features are unlocked.

Features of VivaCut Apk

1. 1000+ Predefined Templates

Those interested in video editing but want to make videos with simple steps. The VivaCut app provides 1000+ predefined templates that help newbie users to make memes, lyrics, and hot videos with just one click. Use predefined templates to create videos quickly. 

In addition,   You can customize predefined templates and add more effects as you want. You’ll find festivals, memes, FYP, and new trending templates in different sections. Select a predefined template, add photos or videos, and make memes, reels, and short videos. Try different templates and create unique content.

Predefined Templates VivaCut Mod APK

2. Add Unique Overlays

Sometimes you need to add a logo, png photo, or short elements to make your videos more impressive. The VivaCut app provides many overlays, white & green backgrounds,  and different elements you can download and add to your videos or photos. 

Furthermore, you can add a logo, png photo, or video as an overlay from your device media library. Adjust the overlay’s size and position and make your videos attractive. Add different laser effects overlay, and emojis, adjust them and create unique videos compared to others. You can add overlays in video using Vllo Mod APK.

Overlay VivaCut Mod APK

3. Enjoy the Visual Effects

You see many videos with different and unique effects, such as laser effects, VFX, face & body effects, and others. Therefore, the VivaCut app has 1000+ VFX and visual effects that make your videos unique. You’ll find 30+ folders of visual effects, select effects, and long press to add effects. Press effect till you want to add the effect to your video.

Visual Effects VivaCut Mod APK

4. Collection of Amazing Filters

The VivaCut app provides a collection of trending filters with adjustable settings. Skin texture, cyberpunk, retro, and film filters are included in the list of filters. You can apply filters in your video or photo to change the entire look of your photo or video. You can try different filters and adjust them in your pictures or videos. 

Moreover, the VivaCut app provides RGB adjustment graphs from which you can easily adjust the RGB colors of your videos or photos with the help of charts. In addition, you’ll find many adjustment settings of filters such as grain, vignetting, tint, and brightness adjustment. You can make more excellent videos or photos by adjusting the filter settings.

Filter VivaCut Mod APK

5. Add Animated Text

With the help of other editor apps, you can add simple text in the English language. But the VivaCut app provides text effects like PixelLab Mod APK text effects. You can add animated, stylish, and 3D text in 20 different languages in your videos or photos using the VivaCut app. 

In addition, you’ll find 300+ different text styles, and you can use any text style as needed. You can customize text such as changing text color, background color, size, and position and adding animation effects. Moreover, you can adjust the letter and line spacing of the text and add shadows & strokes to your text.

Text VivaCut Mod APK

6. IN & OUT Animations

You’ve seen many videos and their intro and end parts are amazing to see. Do you want to make an amazing intro and end of your videos? Use the VivaCut app and add intro and outro animation in your videos. You’ll find 100+ animations and intro & outro animations that you can add to your videos for 3.0s, 2.0s, or 4.0s. Use Intro Maker Mod APK and PixelFlow Mod APK to make intro & outro of videos.

In & Out ANimations VivaCut Mod APK

7. Collection of Music & Sounds 

Sometimes noise is recorded in your recorded video and you want to remove noise and add a new voice by recording. VivaCut app allows you to remove an already voice from your video and record a new voice and add it to your video. You can record voices without noise. 

In addition, you’ll find copyright-free a wide range of music & sound lists such as animals, rings, TV noise, and other sounds. You can extract audio from any video and add it to your video. Add sounds or music from your device’s media library.

Music & Sound VivaCut Mod APK

8. Export Videos in 4K Ultra Quality

The main problem of video creators is the low quality of their videos. Every user wants to enhance the quality of videos.  You can use the VivaCut app to export your video in 4K  ultra quality. Furthermore, you can export videos with 16 to 60 FPS rates and live wallpaper.  You can make your photos or videos live wallpaper.

Export VivaCut Mod APK

Application’s Requirements

  • You need the maximum android 5.0 version and up to best perform
  • Allow necessary permissions to access it

How to Download & Install VivaCut Mod APK?

To download VivaCut Mod APK for free follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, Download VivaCut Mod APK from the given link at the beginning of the article
  2. Secondly, select download APK file from the file manager
  3. Now, click the file to the installation process
  4. Then, enable “ Unknown Sources “ to complete the installation
  5. Wait until the installation process complete
  6. Lastly, click done or open after installation

Congratulations! You’ve completed the installation process and now open VivaCut Mod APK on your device and enjoy its features. 


  • AI effects
  • Unlimitied features 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Predefined templates
  • Available for 20 different languages


  • All the premium features locked in the original version
  • Need a premium subscription to remove watermark
VivaCut Mod APK Unknow Sources

Features of VivaCut Pro APK

I. Remove & Create Watermark

Original version users of the VivaCut app find a watermark in their videos and photos after exporting. Users want to remove watermarks and add their watermarks. But users can’t do it for free in the original version. Users want to download the pro version of the VivaCut app for free, but they can’t do it without a premium subscription. 

If you want to download VivaCut Mod APK without a watermark you can download it from our website. In the mod version, you can’t see any watermark in your photos or videos after exporting, and if you want to create your watermark so you can create a specific watermark. You can add a png photo and the specific name of your brand as a watermark. 

II. Get Rid of Ads

The main benefit of the VivaCut Mod APK is the no advertisement. In the original version of the VivaCut app, you can’t get this benefit for free, because you need to pay money for this. Therefore you can download VivaCut Mod APK’s latest version to get rid of ads without a premium subscription. You can work perfectly without ads hassle and edit videos more and more. 

III. Unlock All the Premium Features

There are many reasons to pay money to use the pro version of the VivaCut app but the main reason is the pro features. Because users can’t use all features for free in the original version therefore they paid money to unlock all features and use them without hassle, but mostly still they face issues. 

If you also want to unlock all the features and use them you can download VivaCut Mod APK because you’ll find all features unlocked and you can add them to your videos while editing. Users pay money to unlock features but you can download VivaCUt Mod APK for free.

What’s New

  • AI body laser effects
  • Crashing fixed 
  • Improvements in UI


VivaCut Mod APK is free for android users and it is safe from all privacy concerns.

You can download VivaCut Pro APK without a watermark for PC and iOS without a premium subscription. 


VivaCut Mod APK is the best photo & video editing app for newbie users that provides 1000+ predefined templates and many editing features including sound, filters, VFX effects, and text & stickers effects. The uniqueness of VivaCut is that it’s available in 20+ different languages. 

Download VivaCut Mod APK without a watermark for PC, iOS, and Android devices without a premium subscription. Users use a paid version of the VivaCut app to unlock features and remove watermark & ads, but you’ll find all premium features unlocked and the Pro version watermark & ad-free.

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